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A Day at Copenhagen Rig

This is what we do

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Making friends come alive

Say hello to LEGO® Friends which actors bring to life on the CPH Rig motion capture stage using the Unreal Game Engine

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Start telling stories for the future

A near future story build on the UN Global Goals. Follow the adventure of orphan girl Res Waveborn navigating the open ocean of the near future trying to find answers and a way back to humanity

Thomas Lydholm 



Christian Faber
Creative Director


Niklas Konoy
Video Creative



Jonas Smidt Mogensen
Unreal Creative



Henrik Nonneman
Business Developer



Copenhagen Rig is a Virtual Production Studio and High-Tech Innovation Lab continuously pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling headed by visionary Art Director Christian Faber.

We do Motion and Performance Capture, 2D and 3D animation, Virtual Production, Concept Art, TV, Movie and Commercial development and high quality story telling.

We are a team of experienced artists and producers, and we believe that worldwide storytelling will be in constant change led by the newest technology.


Regardless of what type of content you wish to produce, come visit us at Copenhagen Rig.

+45 32 25 25 23

Raffinaderivej 10, Bygning J,
2300 København S